Why personalised tutoring should not be taboo

We strongly believe that private tuition, when done well, should not be taboo. However, tutoring has a difficult reputation amongst both parents and students. They either stigmatise it as elitist and expensive OR see it as something they need to hide. Many parents believe tutoring is confined to the realms of the rich and famous, and can’t imagine tutoring as a tangible opportunity for their child to improve their skills and confidence. Other parents who have invested in a great tutor feel like they need to hide this from family and friends. After all, we live in an education culture where there is praise for individual genius and output, and any support is considered taboo.

Tuition for everyone – from primary to PhD

And tutoring at university level? Unthinkable and never heard of! People assume that undergraduate students are able to seamlessly engage in high level thinking synthesis and write flawless academic essays with skills they gained in secondary school. However, we often see that there is a mismatch between what students learn in secondary education before they are thrown into the murky and intense university waters. This can be quite difficult to navigate at times and many university students feel overwhelmed. As a result, they often procrastinate at best or, at worst, even drop out. (If this applies to you, read this blog post before you drop out.) University students experience more pressure than imagined, which is why they must be able to access adequate support and coaching from caring and skilled tutors to thrive in what is often stressful and lonely university experience.

Making tutoring more accessible

At Über Tutors we challenge the stigma around private tuition every single day. We are an education service based in London that has innovated tutoring services by offering subsidised rates to parents and students of lower income backgrounds and to university students owing debt and/or on loans. Making our service accessible is one of our top priorities as we want to see students of all background benefit from quality teaching and mentoring.

We use our positive ethos and hands-on approach to provide excellent tutoring and mentoring from primary school all the way to postgraduate studies, and have taught over 500 students in the last 3 years. Our education consultants hand-select and match academic tutors with students to tutor and mentor them in strategic thinking, organisation, and self-management to boost their confidence and skills. These are skills that stay with students for life that many would not have received had they not been tutored.

As a result of our affordable rates, we are a viable alternative to the existing super tutors who charge families anything between £500- £1,000/h. Über Tutors is challenging the stigmatised and elitist image of quality tutoring and also provide services for university students who require tutoring and mentoring to thrive throughout their studies and beyond.

Get in touch

To find out more about our university level tutoring, read this blog post. Get in touch at 02030867311 or info@ubertutors.co.uk and our education consultants would be delighted to speak to you about your individual needs and goals.