How good university law tutoring boosts your degree

Studying law can be difficult. After all, it is no secret that law, and black letter law in particular, is not the easiest of subjects and there are bound to be difficulties along the way. With increasing competition both at university and in the job market, don’t be ashamed to ask for some extra law tutoring.

Who is it for?

Law tutoring is for everyone. It’s important to note that it is not just for those who take a little longer to grasp legal concepts or memorise cases. In fact, one of our students, Katelyn, explicitly recommends additional law tutoring “even if you have a decent grasp” of your modules. Katelyn firmly believes that law tutoring allows you to “remember, consolidate and contextualise information,” deepen your understanding, and help you express yourself. She also added that it’s important to access this support as early as possible and not just when you hit a wall, so you can gain the best possible support and results.

What are the benefits?

We guarantee that the time and money you invest in quality tutoring will bear plenty of fruit: You will save time and have a firm grasp of different areas of law as a result of personalised feedback, and the additional instruction in debate, mooting or interview skills. Our law tutors, for example, offer academic support in all LLB, LPC, BPTC and LLM courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students. They teach all law modules, including Contract, Criminal, Property and Land, Public, IP, Tax, Company, Equity, and International law as well as Jurisprudence and more. This way, you can identify your exact needs and tailor your tutoring programme accordingly.

In addition to tutoring all law modules, we also teach essay writing skills and provide feedback editorials on essays and assignments. As a result, our students increase their grades by up to 30% as they finally understand how to write academically once and for all. We also provide Training Contract application advising to help applications stand out, and can coach in law firm interview skills.

How does it work?

Many students receive regular tutoring at least once a week. These students thrive throughout the year, increasing their knowledge and confidence, and preparing for exams well in advance. They do this from the very start of the academic year with the help of our academic tutors who ensure steady progress throughout. However, we are flexible and can also accommodate short-term tutoring needs geared towards exam or essay preparation.

Your next step?

Academic support is for everyone. If you have been struggling with your law degree or just need a little boost, contact us today at 02030867311 or Our education consultants will be happy to speak with you about arranging short or long term law tutoring and explain how we tailor law tutoring programmes to each student to accommodate individual needs and goals.