Why we are not an essay writing service (and never will be)

In this blog post we explore the distinction between an essay writing service and our ethical essay tutoring.

Recently, there has been a lot of reporting on so-called essay mills. An essay mills is an essay writing service that allows university students to commission an original piece of writing and submit it as their own. In January, for example, The Telegraph reported that more than 20,000 university students buy custom-written essays and dissertations every year. More than a third were enrolled at Russell Group and Oxbridge universities. Similarly, The Guardian investigated the issue in this article and illustrated just how easy it is to order a personalised essay. The problem with these bespoke essays is that anti-plagiarism systems cannot detect them, making it difficult to detect this kind of academic fraud.

What our essay tutoring entails

In light of these reports, we would like to explain our essay and dissertation guidance in more detail. First, it is important to clarify that we are not an essay writing service and never will be. As a team of academics ourselves, we strictly abide by universities’ plagiarism policies. Therefore, we have made it clear on our website and reiterate here that we never write our students’ essays and have turned away many who have asked us to. Having someone else write your essay and handing it in as your own is always academic plagiarism and we want to play no part in that.

So, what does our dissertation and essay tutoring entail?

Our university tutors work with students of all levels both individually and in groups to teach them how to write academic essays themselves. They teach academic writing skills, provide commentary and academic feedback editorial (very much like you receive on your essays already but in more detail) and make suggestions for proofreading and how to fix the language and style of writing. This can happen in person if students wish to talk through their essay question, argument or structure, or online where our tutors track their commentary on your essay. How much of our feedback you take on is entirely up to you and we ensure that the end product is always in your own words. The aim of our essay tutoring is to fully equip students to write their own essays, so they are able to excel by themselves once their tutoring ends.

Why university students need essay tutoring

We have explored the benefits of dissertation and essay tutoring in more detail in this blog post. University students face increasing academic pressure and many are ill prepared for the transition from secondary school or college to university. As a result, very few have the necessary skills to thrive at university where one-on-one support is often sparse. This, therefore, exacerbates the pressure students face, setting them up for increased anxiety, worries and poor grades. In response to this, our tutors provide academic support to nurture students and teach them what they need to know to excel in their degree and beyond.

And the results? Extraordinary!

Ca. 98% of our university students receive top grades in their essays, ranging from high Upper Seconds (2:1) to high Firsts (1:1). Additionally, our essay tutoring equips students with transferrable skills in writing and research that stay with them for life. Students often take up all-round tutoring in their discipline to help them develop research and writing skills as well as prepare for their university exams. Students come to us precisely because they do not want an essay writing service but want to learn the skills themselves and write their own assignments.

Contact us (if you’re not looking for an essay writing service)

If you are struggling with writing academic essays, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We work with university students in all disciplines, including Law, Economics, Social Sciences and more. So, to set up your free consultation or ask a question, call 02030867311 or email info@ubertutors.co.uk now and speak to our education consultants. After a complimentary consultation, we tailor a customised learning programme to your individual needs and goals, and match you with the best tutor for you on our team. Please note that we are the only equal opportunities service provider in the tutoring industry, and offer subsidised rates to students from low income backgrounds, so ask about those when you get in touch!

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