Our top 10 dissertation tips for postgraduate students

You’ve barely survived exam season as you approach your next academic hurdle: the infamous Masters dissertation. However, if you work in a structured and focussed manner, we’re sure that you will ace it. So, read and share our top 10 Masters dissertation tips because they will lead to dissertation success.

1. Choose your topic carefully and research it well

Choose a topic you genuinely care about because it will keep you going through the hard times. Then, research it thoroughly because the topic you thought was interesting at first might not be so great after further research. Indeed, you might find that you need to tweak it a little or even go back to the drawing board. And even if your topic turns out to be the perfect fit, it’s better you know this early on. This way, you won’t have to worry about it halfway through your dissertation.

2. Answer the ‘so what?’ question

When it comes to your dissertation, it’s important that your topic ties into a larger purpose. Think of the answer you would give someone who knows your dissertation topic and asks you what the point of it all is. Knowing this will tie together various strands of thinking and focus you from the very start.

3. Break your dissertation down

Break your dissertation down into manageable goals and set individual deadlines for them. This will help you feel accomplished along the way and make the overall task seem less daunting. Stick to your deadlines and celebrate your achievements — no matter how small they are.

4. Start writing as early as possible

We’ve all been there. We begin writing an essay and find ourselves buried in a load of notes we are no longer able to make sense of. If this is you with a 3,000 word essay, imagine the chaos of a 10,000 word project. Work your way through your dissertation in sections and, if possible, read and write them simultaneously. This way, you will be able to see and deal with any holes at an early stage. Additionally, remember that even if you feel like your writing isn’t the best this way, dissertation writing is like chipping away at a huge block of granite — you’ll refine it as you go along!

5. Discuss with others

Discuss your dissertation out loud. This will help you think about what you’re writing and where you’re going, and you’ll receive valuable feedback and advice. Who knows, someone might provide a groundbreaking perspective you’ve never even considered before…

6. Submit a first draft

If your supervisor has offered to read a draft, use this opportunity! Ideally, you’ll submit your draft two months before the deadline to benefit fully from the feedback. And if there’s anything seriously wrong, it gives you enough time to fix it!

7. Give yourself time to relax

When you start your dissertation well in advance, there will be time to relax and refuel. Don’t feel guilty when you do but just enjoy the time off and remember to start writing again!

8. Don’t neglect presentation

First impressions really do matter. Therefore, give yourself a week to do a final proofread for any grammatical or spelling mistakes, and include all your university’s requirements. Additionally, don’t forget that some forms of binding can take longer too, so make sure to check on this well in advance.

9. Expect it to be difficult sometimes

Be prepared to have setbacks. Prepare for the fact that you will make mistakes and it might sometimes feel like you’re hitting a wall. Therefore, the key is to be kind to yourself and give yourself enough time to work through a bad spell. Whatever happens, keep going and keep up your momentum — we promise that you’ll get there eventually.

10. Book a dissertation tutor

We know that our top dissertation tips will prove invaluable for your dissertation. However, nothing can replace one-on-one tuition by an academic tutor in your discipline. Our university tutors provide tailored dissertation guidance, teaching academic writing fundamentals once and for all, and providing detailed feedback editorial. They are available for the long and short term and ca. 98% of our university students receive top grades in their dissertation. So, get in touch now at 02030867311 or info@ubertutors.co.uk because your dissertation grade really matters. We look forward to hearing from you!

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