How Maths tutoring increases skills and confidence

Maths can be a tricky subject for many children and teens, and much of it is down to the lack of certain building blocks that make the subject seem incomprehensible. That’s why our Maths tutoring for primary or secondary, Entrance Exam, GCSE or A-level, or university students is tailored to each individual to identify the missing skills and rebuild Maths confidence. And our success rate? 100% improved expertise and self-assurance. Take, for example, Marie’s son who received Maths tutoring from our super tutor Patricia. Patricia’s teaching was so impressive that Marie gave us a 5-star review on our Facebook page, writing:

“We decided to get our son a Maths tutor after his dyslexia diagnosis ravaged his confidence. Patricia from Über Tutors has been a godsend. Her patience and teaching expertise has transformed our 14-year old son from a teen who had written off his ability in Maths to a teen who is excelling in class and looks forward to his weekly Maths session with Patricia. Thank you Über Tutors!

We’re really grateful for these stellar reviews as they tell powerful stories of academic success.

Maths tutoring

If you’re wondering how we can help you or your child increase Maths skills and confidence, we’d like to share Marie’s son’s story. Her son was in Year 9 when Marie contacted us. She said that he lacked confidence in Maths and was also struggling with dyslexia. In fact, her son had asked his parents for extra tutoring to address his challenges. As a result, Marie got in touch, and we did our usual complimentary consultation to custom match her son with a brilliant tutor who matched his personality. In the first session, Patricia assessed his weaknesses without judgment, and comprised a programme with target areas for the next weeks. As their sessions continued, she not only helped Marie’s son to fill in knowledge gaps but also helped him keep up with his school work and homework.

The result? A much more confident young man who suddenly excelled in his class and looked forwards to his weekly Maths tutoring. Additionally, Marie was able to follow her son’s progress in the weekly feedback reports Patricia shared with her. They illustrate how tests might always remain a challenge for Marie’s son, however, he has learned the techniques and confidence to overcome his fears. This is the true value of our Maths tutoring and mentoring as we see a love for learning and confidence return. It makes us as happy as it does our students and their parents!

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