How our tutors motivate students: Tips for a flying start to every lesson

As educators, we all want to inspire our students. That’s why our tutors use these 5 top tips to make sure they get every lesson off to a flying start and keep it that way throughout. This is über important to us as our unique combination of teaching and mentorship aims to engage and inspire our students each day, and helps them gain top grades and confidence. So, read on to find out how we motivate our students and keep them engaged in every session!

1. We make the first five minutes count

When you watch television, it’s often the first few minutes that decide whether you keep watching or just flick to the next channel. Similarly, we make the first 5 minutes of our tutoring sessions count, so our students tune in from the very start. We might use compelling questions, a short TED talk or a current news item to link the topic to students’ everyday lives and keep them engaged.

2. We meditate

Another way to get sessions off to a flying start is our unique integration of meditation into teaching. Meditation is a brilliant tool to help students arrive mentally in the tutoring session and hone their focus. Our popular blog post on meditation lists many more reasons why we love meditation, so click here to find out how we use it in our everyday teaching.

3. We play games

At the beginning of our sessions and/or before we switch from one subject to another, we often integrate games that are both fun and educational. This tool helps students switch from one theme to another, breaks up the session and provides alternative means to revise and reinforce a topic!

4. We create a sense of purpose 

Students often find it difficult to connect with subjects or topics that feel separate from or useless to their everyday lives. Therefore, creating a sense of purpose and explaining why a subject or topic is important can help students relate and encourages them to put more effort into their learning. Creating a sense of purpose for each session or topic can be as simple as an opening sentence at the start of the lesson.

5. We don’t forget the cool down

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the end of a session and just let the student work, work, work until the very end. However, the best thing to do is wrap the session up in a way that benefits the student — just like you end every essay with a conclusion (or so we hope). Great cool down ideas include asking the student what they’ve learned today, writing an imaginary letter or email to their parent or friend to explain what they’ve learned or taking some time to catch up about their lives and what’s important to them.

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