5 top tips for a great start to secondary school

Whilst you might not be ready to be a secondary-school parent, it’s going to happen anyway. So, take a deep breath and and read our top 5 tips to make sure your child has a great start to secondary school — and keeps it that way throughout.

1. Talk to your child

New beginnings can be both exciting and challenging, so talk to your child to understand how they’re feeling about starting secondary school. This is also a time to encourage them to be more independent and show your child that you have confidence in them to master this new chapter.

2. Pick up essentials

Buying essentials like uniforms, alarm clocks and stationary in advance could be a lifesaver down the line. This way you can do a practice run of early starts and tying ties towards the end of summer as suggested in our top back to school tips. You can also identify all your options regarding school uniform as the whole package can be quite expensive. One alternative is schools’ second-hand sales but these can sell out quickly, so make sure to check early in the summer. The one thing you do want to wait with, however, is shoes as your child might have grown a size by the end of the summer.

3. Sort out the paperwork

School paperwork could include anything from sorting out your child’s locker to data protection, so make sure you fill these out before term starts. This is particularly important if your child has any special needs or experienced, for example, recent bereavement. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to get on the waiting list for musical instrument if your child would like to take one up. This way, they’ll be all set for a great start to secondary school.

4. Apply for a bus pass

Your child might start taking public transport or the school bus, so you’ll need to apply for a bus pass or a place on the bus. For Londoners, apply for an 11-15 Zip Oyster photo card (which might also let your child pay for school meals). Remember to apply as early as possible as the process might take weeks!

5. Book a tutor

There are many new academic challenges that come with the start of secondary school. Whether you wish to address your child’s specific subject needs in the summer or provide them with regular learning support throughout, our tutors and mentors are here to help your child have a great start to secondary school – and make sure they keep it that way. Our specialist home tutors teach and mentor in all subjects, and are all DBS checked. Before our tutoring starts, we always provide an in-person consultation to get to know each student’s needs and challenges to recommend the right action plan. We then match the most suitable tutor on our team to deliver lessons in an organised way.
Don’t hesitate to contact us at 02030867311 or info@ubertutors.co.uk to set up your free consultation or ask a question about our secondary school tutoring.

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