6 Skills to Write an Outstanding Essay.

Writing an essay can be overwhelming and stressful. There’s a lot of pressure to get top grades, and many of your university classes’ final grade will be exclusively based on the essays you have written. But no need to panic! We have written out the top 6 tips you need to know to guarantee a stellar essay. No stress needed.

1) Read the question of your essay carefully.
It’s important to make sure you really, fully and completely understand your thesis. You should feel comfortable moving forward, so if you have a list to choose from, make sure you have chosen wisely. Know what knowledge you have and be honest with yourself. Your choice could determine how much time you spend on it and what grade you may get. So before even writing one word, make sure you have a clear and concise idea of what you will write to answer your thesis.


2) Summarise your answer in one paragraph.
One way to guarantee you have a good grasp on your thesis is to summarize it. Make sure you organize your thoughts, advises the article Essay Tips: 7 Tips on Writing an Effective Essay. First to yourself, and then if possible to a classmate, your professor or a tutor. They will be able to check if you have understood your thesis and that you are heading in the right direction. It will also help you see how comfortable you are summarizing it. The last thing you would want is to write an essay that doesn’t properly target the thesis, as you can be heavily penalized for this. Also, once you start writing your essay, it’s difficult to change course. Which means if you start in the wrong direction, and realise it before handing it in, you may have to start over. Which would really be a pain.


3) Write out bullet points with the intro, main arguments, and conclusion.
An additional way to make sure you are on the right track is to write out one sentence for each of your main arguments (three is a good number, but this may vary), as well as for your intro and conclusion in bullet point form. This will make sure each idea is clear and that your arguments are strong and support each other. It will also be very helpful to review these bullet points when writing your intro and conclusion, as this will guarantee that you haven’t forgotten anything and that your intro and conclusion are concise. For more information about how to write a five point essay, I would suggest you read General Essay Writing Tips.


4) Technical skills. Refine your tone, grammar, and vocabulary.
All of these skills will allow your essay to be easily read. Having a solid vocabulary, no grammatical mistakes, and an elegant tone will allow your readers to enjoy what they are reading, stay engaged and therefore have more facility in understanding the quality of your arguments. “You may not consciously realise it when you’re reading, but sophisticated sentence structures make the world of difference to how intelligent you sound”, states the Royal Oxford Academy, in its guide How to Write Better Essays: 5 Practical Tips. As I’ve mentioned earlier, your main goal throughout is to write as clearly and concisely as possible, so as to make sure your reader can follow your complex arguments. That is the point of writing an essay. Demonstrating that you have researched a topic and can clearly lay out your reasoning and proof with a high calibre of English.


5) Find experts and quality sources to support your ideas and arguments.
This may seem obvious, but it’s crucial to make sure the sources you use are good quality. Before using a book or online article, it’s important to research the author to find out if they are credible. Especially nowadays, where everyone and anyone can have an opinion, you need to know that your sources are credible. Not only will your arguments be strengthened, but so will the overall validity of your essay.


6) Last but not least, make sure you repeat yourself.
Don’t underestimate the importance of being clear. Keep in mind that the person who will be reading and grading your paper will not have the same knowledge of your work and research as you. Make sure you start and end your essay, and each paragraph, strong. Keep in mind that each first and last line of each paragraph must be clear, concise and connect to the last idea you mentioned. In other words, you are the guide and must lead your reader at each step, making sure as you go along that each idea connects to the next and that there is no jump in though. This is such an important point that we have written an entire blog about it, which you can find here.


If you’re still concerned that your essay isn’t off to the right start, or you have completed it but want to make sure it has the potential of getting a First, then don’t hesitate to contact us at 0203 086 7311 or at info@ubertutors.co.uk so we can set up your free consultation to find out your specific needs and match you with a tutor that will help you guarantee your essay is perfect and ready to submit.