Help Your Child Find a Passion


Summer is a great time of the year to take a step back and reflect on how your child is doing, where the challenges lay and how to help encourage your child to improve his or her skills and passions. We wanted to sum up a few key ways to help your child develop and discover new activities and passions.


Here are our top activity suggestions. Encouraging your child to try one or two of these after school activities next academic year could open your child up to a passion he or she never knew they had! And if they decide it’s not for them, then at least they tried something new and expanded their horizons. There’s no harm in giving something a go! New exposures can lead to wonderful experiences and a better self-understanding. So here are our top five recommendations:

Music lessons
Learning how to play a musical instrument has many benefits. Not only is it a beautiful skill to have, but it also helps children’s brain development, therefore enhancing their academic and language learning ability. In the article Does Music Give You Math Skills? Nadine Gaab, an investigator at the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience at Boston Children’s Hospital, states that “studies also have shown that children and adults with musical training have heightened skills in an area called executive functioning”.


In addition, the TIME’s recently published Why You Should Enroll Your Kids in Piano Lessons, According to Science, which discusses the incredible correlation between playing the piano and learning a language. So why not ask you child what instrument he or she prefers? Setting up weekly lessons next autumn is a great way to try it out!

Acting classes
Acting classes can be a perfect choice for both outgoing as well as quiet children. It’s a creative outlet that will allow your child to tap into different emotions, try to understand others perspective and push any child to discover sides of them they may not have known existed. Not all children will enjoy it, but if you have a feeling your child might, then why not ask him or her? They may suddenly realise that it’s the outlet they’ve been looking for!

Having your child have weekly sport lessons can be a fantastic idea! It’s a great way for your child to build confidence, stay healthy, meet new friends and develop a hobby or passion they may keep for life. Of course, the traditional sports come to mind such as football, dance or swimming. But don’t be afraid to explore different options, such as competitive gymnastics, basketball, martial arts, fencing or anything else that might intrigue your child! Individual and team sports both come with their own benefits. They both can be a confidence boost and skill builder, but can each also bring out different qualities, such as team building, focus, perseverance, determination, and many more depending on the sport your child chooses.

Art classes
You child may already have art classes at school. But if your child harbours a true passion for it, then that won’t be enough. Finding weekly classes will allow your child to develop and explore his or her artistic skill and find what type of art truly excites him or her (drawing, painting, sculpture etc.). It will also allow your child to take this hobby more seriously, and potentially turn it into a true passion.

Language classes
Our final suggestion is introducing your child to a new language, beyond what the school curriculum might offer. Learning a new language, especially in today’s global world, is a must. Even though English is the most prominent language, this doesn’t mean that it’s enough. Not only will learning a second or third language enhance your child’s intellect and skills, but it will also allow your child to discover new worlds and perspective, that can’t be accessed without learning another language. The added benefits of being bilingual is a well-known fact, and a skill we strongly encourage. If you haven’t read our blog I know English. So why learn another language?, it’s worth checking out.
If you have any questions regarding this or would like to speak to one of our expert language tutors, don’t hesitate to contact us today at or 02030867311 to set up your free consultation and get matched with a tutor who will help your child master his or her second language.

Final note:
Make sure you encourage your child to stick to lessons for at least a year. Not only will it allow your child to have a proper go at it, but it will also help teach your child about commitment and perseverance, even if at times he or she would rather be playing with friends.
This is a valuable life lesson and is greatly dependent on a parent’s ability to encourage his or her child to see something through, even when it gets boring or challenging. These weekly lessons can really be a positive experience and help your child in many ways. London is full of opportunities and activities, so don’t hesitate to start researching ideas to figure out what your child might love and pursue.