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Essay tutoring and dissertation guidance explained

This blog post explains the benefits of our essay tutoring and dissertation guidance. We perfected university essay tutoring and dissertation guidance in response to the difficulties many university students face when writing academic assignments. So, read on to find out why academic tutoring is important and what it entails – Read and share with friends! […]

University essay writing tips for topic & end sentences

We asked Jan, one of our top university tutors, about her experience providing essay tutoring and dissertation guidance for undergraduate and postgraduate students. In this blog posts, she gives her top essay writing tips on topic and end sentences.   To assess my students’ true understanding of essay writing skills, I always first ask them […]

10 essay tips by academics to succeed this term

Read on for top essay tips to ace your university assignments this term and beyond! We know that writing your first essays at university level can become a cause for anxiety as you are suddenly instructed to write in a way you may have never done before. Lecturers expect you to understand the task, research […]

Why university students need tutoring & mentoring

There is a wide misconception that only students in their A-levels and under require tutoring and mentoring. However, university students undergo more pressure than imagined and, therefore, also need adequate support from caring and skilled mentors to thrive. University level tutoring can help alleviate pressures and help students get ahead in their studies and beyond. […]