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Going beyond the ‘single story’ to create education paradise

At Über Tutors, our team of tutors, consultants and managers are all passionate about education. Part of that education is our social education, which is the education that makes us become well-rounded human beings who think beyond ourselves and see the bigger picture of humanity. That’s why, as educators, we think this TED talk by […]

Girls ‘don’t like Maths’ and other education myths

Gendered education myths come in all shapes and forms. They argue that ‘all boys underperform’, ‘girls and boys always learn differently’ and that ‘girls are naturally better at reading’. However, these myths can dangerously pigeonhole children and lower their expectations by others and themselves. One myth that seems to have gained exceptional potency is that […]

Why personalised tutoring should not be taboo

We strongly believe that private tuition, when done well, should not be taboo. However, tutoring has a difficult reputation amongst both parents and students. They either stigmatise it as elitist and expensive OR see it as something they need to hide. Many parents believe tutoring is confined to the realms of the rich and famous, […]