Fairness in education

Why should we teach Emotional Intelligence?

As parents, sons and daughters, friends, siblings, or any roles we may occupy, we realise that relating to another person does not involve anything we have learned at school. At school, we tend to learn about facts and figures, and other practical knowledge for our academic path or careers. But the success of our relationships […]

The Princess’ and Prince’s Burden, a Gender Dynamic.

Beyond being a tutoring service, we have a curious and wonderful team of tutors and staff whom explore all sorts of ideas, and we want to share them with you! Below, we’ve explored how the ubiquitous “prince and princess” stories send a specific message to our children and how, in the 21st century, we should […]

Life Path: to Conform or Not to Conform? That is The Question.

  Conforming, or deciding not to, is difficult for children and parents. This heart-warming video captures the pressures of conforming, and what happens when we over do it.       Life’s Structure   Life is often thought of as a series of achievements we must pass at each stage. From kindergarten on, our life […]

GCSE Exams Reforms: What is Yet to Come

GCSE Reforms: What’s that about?   This summer saw the outcome of the first GCSE results after the implementation of the new GCSE exams and grading reforms which came in various forms, making many parents and students unhappy and confused. Changing grading, raising subject level difficulty in the curriculum by making students from the Foundation […]