School advice

How to help your child build crucial study skills in 4 simple steps.

  Not sure what’s the best age to have your child start doing regular homework? We discuss why starting young is important, and why setting up a solid study habits foundation early is curial for their entire academic journey.   1. Set up a study routine. Setting up a specific amount of time for their […]

I know English. So why learn another language?

    The pros and cons of English’s omnipresence   English is everywhere we go. It’s the “universal” language, for better or for worse. As Professor John McWhorther states in his TED talk, 4 Reasons to Learn a New Language: “It’s the language of the internet, it’s the language of finance, it’s the language of […]

Top Tips for when you are Feeling Overwhelmed

    A world we cannot shut off   Living as adults in the 21st century comes with a lot of blessings but somehow, we feel so overwhelmed. A middle class European lives better today than the kings and queens of a few centuries ago. But despite this, modern life seems to be a struggle, […]

Extroverts and Introverts. What’s the difference?

Over your lifetime, you will change in many ways. Perhaps you are a parent and have seen the ways in which your child is developing and changing every day. Or you just started secondary school or university and can feel yourself change as you grow and learn about the world in new ways. However, one […]