University advice

Transitioning from A Levels to university

  The transition from secondary school to university is not easy. There are so many new, exciting, and sometimes terrifying things for you to figure out and get used to. We’re here to help you understand some of the challenges that may arise, whether you are a soon to be university student or a parent […]

Dos and Don’ts of Exam Revision

  Revision period is definitely a time of intense work and stress. It’s not always easy knowing the “right” way to study. There are so many different ways to revise. And although any revision is better than no revision, there are certain methods that are better than others.   A recent article in The Guardian […]

Is it worth getting a PhD?

  In the past year we’ve noticed a lot of bad press about PhDs. Comments and criticism have been abundant and wide-ranging, often highlighting how difficult and pointless it can be to go through graduate school. From what we’ve seen in the news and heard from students, a PhD can be:   – A waste […]