University advice

Our thinking defines who we become in our life!

  “Whatever you do, in order to change your circumstances, you have to get an education” – Olympia LePoint’s mother   Olympia LePoint is a recently well-known scientist, mathematician and public speaker who is a source of much inspiration to young women and men, having been raised in difficult times and situations. She has overcome […]

Life Path: to Conform or Not to Conform? That is The Question.

  Conforming, or deciding not to, is difficult for children and parents. This heart-warming video captures the pressures of conforming, and what happens when we over do it.       Life’s Structure   Life is often thought of as a series of achievements we must pass at each stage. From kindergarten on, our life […]

Secret wisdom of a university student

Here we are again. Another summer has passed and a new academic year is about to start. To make sure you’re all set for what lies ahead, we asked one of our tutors to share what she wishes she had known before she started university.   1. Stay on top of readings and deadlines In […]

How to structure your dissertation: Guidance from our experts

Whether you’re conducting fieldwork, compiling notes or you’ve already started writing, working out your dissertation structure can be harder than expected. That’s why our university level tutors have put together this handy post for your dissertation structure. It’s particularly useful for Social Science qualitative dissertations, so read and share with friends!   Preliminary pages These […]