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Common Entrance Exam tutoring for top results and admission

Many of the tuition enquiries we receive are about Common Entrance Exam tutoring for the 7+, 11+ or 13+ exams. Larisa, for example, contacted us with us three years ago about 11+ preparation for her daughter who was taking her exams in one year’s time. Having come well in advance, our super tutor was able […]

Tailored academic support for university students

People often ask us why students need university tutoring and mentoring. To illustrate our answer, we are sharing with you the story of Abdullah. Abdullah is a part-time student at the University of London whom we successfully tutored last year. In his own words, Abdullah “was not performing well” in his assessments in his first […]

Meditation in tutoring – Calming minds from a young age

We recently introduced meditation in some of our tutoring sessions to calm minds and begin to beat stress from a young age. For the very young, this includes age-appropriate meditations where they visualise spaces like a tree house where they can lay down their worries and return to whenever they choose. For older students, this […]

University tutoring – Why wait till you’re in too deep?

Whilst parents often organise tutoring months in advance, university students often leave university tutoring until it’s (almost) too late. We have previously explored the reasons for this in this popular blog post, reinforcing why university students need tutoring and mentoring too. Additionally, one of our students recently told us her personal story that illustrates why […]