University tutoring – Why wait till you’re in too deep?

Whilst parents often organise tutoring months in advance, university students often leave university tutoring until it’s (almost) too late. We have previously explored the reasons for this in this popular blog post, reinforcing why university students need tutoring and mentoring too. Additionally, one of our students recently told us her personal story that illustrates why […]

Education lessons from 2016

2016 has been a turbulent year. The UK will leave the EU as a result of the Brexit vote and we have seen a shift to more right-wing politics in several countries, including the United States. These are all worrying trends that do little to alleviate our anxiety about oppression and political and economic wars […]

Feel like dropping out of university? First, consider these options

Perhaps you never really wanted to go to university in the first place or began to feel like it was solitary hell. Either way, dropping out of university is a really hard decision and we want to make sure you are aware of all options before making that final call.   1. Remember that you […]

How comprehensive essay writing workshops for university students can boost grades for life

At Über Tutors, we see everyday how students are unprepared for what awaits them at university. That’s why we introduced comprehensive essay writing workshops, so as many students as possible can learn this important skill once and for all. Many students have already worked with our academic tutors who provide essay writing crash courses and […]