5 top tips for choosing the right university

Choosing the right university is not an easy task and daunting for many A-level students. With different voices – parents, League Tables, teachers and friends – all trying to tell you what is best, it sometimes seems easiest to bury your head in the sand. Our tutor Josephine reflects on her experience and gives top […]

How to make the most of tutoring

The acclaimed The School Run recently interviewed our Director Tania Khojasteh about how to get the best from tutoring. The School Run is a website for primary-school parents who share our mission to help children with their education and make sure they get the best possible start in life.   With some tutors charging several […]

Our top back to school tips

Here we are again: The summer has rushed by in a blur and it’s September — time for the little ones to go back to school. However, preparing for back to school doesn’t start on the first busy day when alarms are ignored and school bags are lost. Instead, preparing for back to school starts […]

Our top handwriting tips to help your child

Handwriting is a difficult skill to teach, so we’ve asked our team of experienced tutors for their top handwriting tips. Although electronic gadgets are increasingly incorporated into teaching, handwriting remains a necessary skill in the primary school curriculum. So, read on for our top handwriting tips.   1. Have handwriting materials at home To encourage […]