How comprehensive essay writing workshops for university students can boost grades for life

At Über Tutors, we see everyday how students are unprepared for what awaits them at university. That’s why we introduced comprehensive essay writing workshops, so as many students as possible can learn this important skill once and for all. Many students have already worked with our academic tutors who provide essay writing crash courses and […]

On the importance of inspiring teachers

After 16 years in primary, secondary and higher education, our tutor Jenny reflects on inspiring teachers and how they profoundly impacted her.   Inspiring teachers at university University in particular can come with various struggles, many of which are not openly spoken about. Young people expected to instantly find lifetime friends and be the life […]

Common Entrance Exam practice papers

We have previously written about what Common Entrance Exams entail and our tutors’ top 10 strategies to prepare. We are now pleased to offer an extensive list of free Entrance Exam practice papers to help students familiarise themselves with the exam formats of 7+, 11+, 13+ and other Common Entrance Exams. Paired with our unique […]

5 top tips for choosing the right university

Choosing the right university is not an easy task and daunting for many A-level students. With different voices – parents, League Tables, teachers and friends – all trying to tell you what is best, it sometimes seems easiest to bury your head in the sand. Our tutor Josephine reflects on her experience and gives top […]