Our top 10 strategies for Entrance Exam preparation

Both parents and children find Entrance Exam preparation daunting. Our simple key to success is early preparation by which we mean preparing at least nine months in advance. This is based on our observation that many children start by taking almost double the time to complete one test paper. So, knocking off one or two […]

Essay tutoring and dissertation guidance explained

This blog post explains the benefits of our essay tutoring and dissertation guidance. We perfected university essay tutoring and dissertation guidance in response to the difficulties many university students face when writing academic assignments. So, read on to find out why academic tutoring is important and what it entails – Read and share with friends! […]

3 lessons I’ve learned from private tutoring and mentoring

In this blog post, one of our tutors shares 3 lessons she’s learned from private tutoring and mentoring: In my work for Über Tutors, I have tutored and mentored children from the age of 7 to university students aged 20+. Working with a range of students has taught me important lessons, which allow me to […]

Tears and Protests over SATs? Everything you need to know

As a parent, the coverage of the 2016 SATs will be anything but reassuring. If your child is about to sit these exams, you might worry about the tears some cried as SATs papers left teachers “staggered” and saw parents take their children out of school in protest in the run-up to the tests. However, […]