GCSE Exams Reforms: What is Yet to Come

GCSE Reforms: What’s that about?   This summer saw the outcome of the first GCSE results after the implementation of the new GCSE exams and grading reforms which came in various forms, making many parents and students unhappy and confused. Changing grading, raising subject level difficulty in the curriculum by making students from the Foundation […]

Grammar School and Entrance Exams Debate

As the UK’s education system faces challenges and controversies at all levels, the most heated debate has been arguably on the Common Entrance Exams and expansion of Grammar Schools. As Teresa May pushed to allow new selective schools to open and existing schools to turn into grammar schools, the political debate surrounding this arose strong […]

UK Examination System Controversies

Understanding UK education and exam system:   As the UK education system becomes ever increasingly competitive, the focus on excelling has reached unprecedented levels. Entering competitive schools is all about exams, exams, exam. For example, your child’s entrance exam at the age of 11 or 13 could allow them to attend an independent school, and […]

Secret wisdom of a university student

Here we are again. Another summer has passed and a new academic year is about to start. To make sure you’re all set for what lies ahead, we asked one of our tutors to share what she wishes she had known before she started university.   1. Stay on top of readings and deadlines In […]