Choosing the right school or university for your child

Choosing schools for your child can be daunting and, in fact, few decisions are as important for their life and, indeed, family finances. Questions you may ask yourself include whether you want a school that is large or small? Boarding or day? Mixed or single sex? More or less pressure? This blog post on choosing […]

What are Common Entrance Exams? 7+, 11+ and 13+ explained

Every year we tutor many children who go on to enter some of the UK’s top senior and preparatory schools. To gain admission they must pass the 7+, 11+ or 13+ Entrance Exams that leave many parents (and students) confused and daunted. As a result, they seek out our consultancy services to help them make […]

Our three P’s for 11+ creative writing success

The creative writing component of the 11+ Common Entrance Exam involves writing an original story or completing a prose exercise to test children’s ability to write in a structured manner. Many children find the idea of writing a creative story incredibly daunting but with time ticking and pressure mounting, our three P’s are your child’s […]

University essay writing tips for topic & end sentences

We asked Jan, one of our top university tutors, about her experience providing essay tutoring and dissertation guidance for undergraduate and postgraduate students. In this blog posts, she gives her top essay writing tips on topic and end sentences.   To assess my students’ true understanding of essay writing skills, I always first ask them […]