50,000 students caught cheating at UK universities

The figures are staggering. In the last three years, almost 50,000 university students were caught cheating at UK institutions with non-EU students four times more likely to cheat in exams and essays according to freedom of information data obtained by the Times. 11 institutions caught at least 1,000 students cheating over this three-year period with […]

How to make the most out of university reading week

As you approach reading week, you may ask yourself how to make the most out of this week. Here are 5 tips to make sure you end reading week feeling both relaxed and productive, confident to smash the rest of term!   1. Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate. Despite its name, it’s important that you take some […]

10 essay tips by academics to succeed this term

Read on for top essay tips to ace your university assignments this term and beyond! We know that writing your first essays at university level can become a cause for anxiety as you are suddenly instructed to write in a way you may have never done before. Lecturers expect you to understand the task, research […]

Struggling at university? University level tutoring can help!

Despite many difficulties, few university students think university level tutoring is an option for them. However, many underestimate that starting university is a huge step. You may be moving out of your parents’ house and suddenly find yourself in charge of organising your own life. Your ‘teachers’ care less about whether you do your homework […]