How to structure your dissertation: Guidance from our experts

Whether you’re conducting fieldwork, compiling notes or you’ve already started writing, working out your dissertation structure can be harder than expected. That’s why our university level tutors have put together this handy post for your dissertation structure. It’s particularly useful for Social Science qualitative dissertations, so read and share with friends!   Preliminary pages These […]

Student debt debate reignited

Whilst (prospective) students and young people have undoubtedly never stopped debating student loans, journalists and politicians have hotly debated the topic in recent weeks. The Guardian, for example, has published several articles in the last few weeks here, here and here and Labour are proposing wiping out student loans altogether. With the total student debt […]

5 tips for university students to boost mental health

These impactful sketches in The Guardian are one of a series of recent publications about university mental health, and aptly capture the impact of mental ill health. Additionally, this article features data showing that a record 1,180 students experiencing mental ill health left courses early in 2014-15, up 210% from 2009-10. Mental health can suffer when […]

5 top tips for a great start to secondary school

Whilst you might not be ready to be a secondary-school parent, it’s going to happen anyway. So, take a deep breath and and read our top 5 tips to make sure your child has a great start to secondary school — and keeps it that way throughout.   1. Talk to your child New beginnings […]