Meditation in tutoring: Calming minds from a young age

We recently introduced meditation in some of our tutoring sessions to calm minds and begin to beat stress from a young age. For the very young, this includes age-appropriate meditations where they visualise spaces like a tree house where they can lay down their worries and return to whenever they choose. For older students, this […]

10 last minute exam revision tips

Maximise the last few days before your exam(s) with our last minute exam revision tips – whether for Common Entrance, GCSE, A-level or university exams.   Perhaps you’re reading this article because the bulk of your revision is done and you’re trying to stay calm before the storm. Or maybe you’re here because you’ve been […]

Our top 10 tips to prepare for university exams

Are you busy preparing for university exams? Give yourself the best chance to succeed with our top top 10 study tips.   1. Give yourself enough time When it comes to preparing for university exams, it’s very important that you don’t leave it too late. While some say they thrive off last-minute cramming, this often […]

University tutoring – Why wait till you’re in too deep?

As part of all our comprehensive tutoring services we always offer a free in-person consultation to assess our students individual needs, and devise a bespoke learning programme. Whilst parents often organise tutoring months in advance, university students often leave university tutoring until it’s (almost) too late.   We have previously explored the reasons for this […]