Millennials @ Work, Inspiring Changes at all Levels

    The Struggles Millennials Face   As we discussed in our last blog, millennials, also sometimes referred to as Generation Y, are faced with challenges and uncertainties that previous generations did not have. These struggles have arisen out of technology and our changing environment. High expectations fuelled by social media, and a culture prone […]

Millennials, Challenges and Uncertainties

  Millennial overview: the good and the bad   Millennials are the generation born approximately in 1984 and after. Over the past few years there have been countless articles about what sets them apart from past generations. The traits associated with this cohort include both negative and positive ones. Some of the negative traits include […]

Mind the Gap between University and Career!

Age of Episodic Career   Recent university graduates seeking an early career must consider potential ways to differentiate themselves in a tough market. For the past century, citizens of most western countries have expected spending their entire career in a single field. This is no longer the norm. We’re now expected to go through multiple […]

Common Entrance Exams Controversies

The Unfair and Stressful Common Entrance Exams   The Common Entrance Exams controversies are twofold. First, it is an unfair system, as those who can afford tutoring will have a leg up on those who cannot. Secondly, these exams place great stress on the shoulders of young children, profoundly affecting their life at an early […]