Private tutoring & mentoring

Please see the column on the left for a list of all our private tutoring services, which are available online as well. Our personal tutors prepare students from primary school to PhD and have an excellent track record of success with testimonials from many satisfied clients. If your subject need is not listed, please contact us and we will find a private tutor for you too.

Most students and parents are not aware that personal tutoring and mentoring is the greatest investment in your education and career. We believe that every student deserves a quality, professional tutor and mentor to guide them through every step of their education. We, therefore, offer our quality private tuition at both standard and discounted rates for all levels.

Organise your private tutoring

To set up your free consultation or ask a question about personal tutoring, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02030867311 or We then tailor a customised learning programme to your or your child’s individual needs and goals, and match you with a private tutor on our team. Please note that we are the only equal opportunities service provider in the tutoring industry, and offer subsidised rates to students from low income backgrounds.

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