Our rates

At Über Tutors, our private tutoring rates are both fair and competitive given our professionalism and bespoke range of consulting and tutoring services. Furthermore, we are the only service provider with a positive financial ethos because we aim to make personal tutoring more accessible for families and students from lower income backgrounds.

Standard tutoring rates

Our standard tutoring rates for our home or online tutoring and consultation service vary depending on your or your child’s specific subject, level, needs and goals. On average, our prices range from between £30/hr to £65/hr for primary and secondary school subjects, university level tutoring and career services.

Subsidised tutoring rates

We offer our subsidised tutoring rates to families of lower income backgrounds and university students with education debt or loans. To make use of our discounted rates, we only need simple documentation and you can receive up to 30% off our tutoring service. Your documents will be handled confidentially and will only be seen by management and accounts. We provide the exact same quality private tutoring service regardless of our clients’ income background.

Your next step

Once you contact our private tutoring service, we offer a free in-person consultation to do a thorough assessment of your or your child’s individual needs, and recommend the right programme. We then match you with a hand-selected top tutor from our team according to your challenges and personality.

To set up a free consultation and discuss our rate for your or your child’s tutoring needs, contact us now by calling 02030867311 or emailing info@ubertutors.co.uk.