Our tutoring team

Über Tutors is London’s super tutors team. Our carefully selected team of tutors, managers and mentors have über-impressive academic and professional achievements, a natural passion for education and teaching, and very importantly strong interpersonal skills and empathy. These are qualities we want students of all ages and subject needs to experience, to rise to their best potential. Here is a sample of some of our super tutors.

  • Ella

    Ella is Über Tutors' Educations Coordinator and a super tutor. She is also a Jack of all trades, tutoring students from ages 6 to 40+ in a variety of subjects and levels, including 7+ 11+ exams, Maths, French and English (GCSE and Alevels), and university courses in Migration and Identity Politics and. Ella is friendly and warm while serious about education! Her TEDx talk on identity issues is brilliant.

  • Tania

    Tania is the passionate, highly driven and friendly Educations Director and head tutor at Über Tutors. She holds three degrees from top universities and has 10+ years of teaching and management experience at prestigious schools/universities and non-profit organisations, teaching subjects such as English and 11+, Law and Society, Development Studies and Political Theory. She manages and trains our 50+ tutors and consultants, ensuring quality services, but she can always be found smiling and helping someone meet their potential in their studies or career. Watch her TEDx talk on Youtube on why great education and interconnectedness matters.

  • Camilla

    Camilla is a super tutor in Common Entrance Exams 7+ and 11+, GCSE/Alevels English Literature and University humanities courses. She has a BA and MA from University of Cambridge. Although highly achieved, Camilla is down to Earth, warm and engaging. She is also a specialised reader of Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic.

  • Oliver

    Oliver has over 4 years of successful tutoring experience for ages 6-18 in Maths, English, Economics, 7+ and 11+ exams. He has a degree from LSE and works hard with all of our students and pushes them to reach their potential. He is also an inspiring role model, receiving distinctions in his years of study to date.

  • Dzifa

    Dzifa is an extraordinary tutor with us at Über Tutors, having 3 degrees: LLB LLM and MA. She is truly a Jack of all trades, from tutoring kids in 11+ to English literature and Maths at Alevels and difficult law modules such as Company law, Trade law, Criminal Law, Equity law and more. She is elegant and articulate and a really inspirational role model to students of all ages.

  • Emad

    Emad is a brilliant French and History tutor with us at Über Tutors. He has been trained to tutor French language to students as young as 7 years old to mature students 40+. He has successfully helped London French and History students at GCSE and Alevels achieve As and A*s. His passion lies with languages and law, and has two top degrees in History and Law (LLB).

  • Judy

    Judy is a super tutor with our younger students and university students. She tutors in English, Maths, 7+ and 11+ exams for younger students up to 18 years old. She has a MSc degree in Conflict and Development Studies and tutors university students in politics courses and essay writing skills. She comes highly recommended by our parents and students! Judy also has a brilliant TEDx talk worth exploring.

  • Simone

    Simone has a PhD degree in Linguistics and extensive teaching experience at London universities. He is a Jack of all trades in academia and has tutored a big number of our university students in a variety of social science subjects. He is superbly patient and has performed miracles for the academic and writing skills of international students in London who would be absolutely lost in university due to their limited writing and language skills. Simone has helped students achieve Firsts in just months when they were receiving 3rds in their degrees. A miraculous tutor and mentor!

  • Abhishek

    Abhishek is a super tutor in Statistics, Maths, Sciences and Economics to GCSE, Alevels, Undergraduate and Masters students at Über Tutors. He has two degrees in Statistics and Finance from LSE University and tutors in person and online with patience, passion and efficiency. He is clear in his communication and has superb interpersonal skills, making students of all backgrounds engage well with him, learn and thrive.

  • Akeem

    Akeem is a graduate of Oxford University and a qualified solicitor who is also a fantastic Law (LLB, LLM and LPC) tutor with us. He tutors a variety of law modules from Contract and Criminal law to Equity, EU and Company law with efficiency. His work hard attitude and passionate approach to teaching moves students from attitudes that hold them back. Students working with Akeem achieve the First they target to get in law, and are with no surprise grateful to Akeem’s inspiring tutoring when they receive those training contract offers!

To book one of our super tutors for your academic support, contact 02030867311 or email us at info@ubertutors.co.uk