Mentorship in education & early career

Fun ideas to help your child boost their imagination and creativity.

  Helping your child develop their imagination and creativity is invaluable. It will not only help them now but in the long run as well . Sir Ken Robinson captures this beautifully in his very popular TED talk Do schools kill creativity? where he states: “creativity is as important in education as literacy, and we […]

How to Inspire Your Child to Love Reading

  It would be difficult to find a parent that wouldn’t want their child to be an avid reader. Reading is a hobby that will not only help a child’s academic success, but it will also develop their creativity, imagination, introspection, and overall help to develop their understanding of the world. But as many parents […]

Need More Motivation for School?

  Motivation is not an incessant feeling. Some days you will feel it, and other days you won’t. Without a plan in mind, it’s difficult to achieve anything. Most worthwhile things in life won’t just fall into our laps. Our education, our careers and the quality of our relationships all take years to build, nurture […]

5 easy and healthy food habits you need to know about!

Every year, some of us centre  our new year resolution around food. But after only a few months (if we’re lucky!) we give up and return to our past habits.  Healthy food is one of the most fundamental necessities we need to function well in all aspects of our lives, especially in education! Whether we […]