Why personalised tutoring should not be taboo

We strongly believe that private tuition, when done well, should not be taboo. However, tutoring has a difficult reputation amongst both parents and students. They either stigmatise it as elitist and expensive OR see it as something they need to hide. Many parents believe tutoring is confined to the realms of the rich and famous, […]

Why university students need tutoring & mentoring

There is a wide misconception that only students in their A-levels and under require tutoring and mentoring. However, university students undergo more pressure than imagined and, therefore, also need adequate support from caring and skilled mentors to thrive. University level tutoring can help alleviate pressures and help students get ahead in their studies and beyond. […]

Why hire a tutor who is a mentor?

Imagine a world in which you are not allowed to learn from other people or where you are never allowed to ask for help.   If you can imagine this world, you are probably thinking that this really wouldn’t be a great place. Or if you can’t imagine this, we don’t blame you. The notion […]

Putting relationships first in teaching

Rita Pierson inspired our unique teaching approach to put relationships with our students first. Rita Pierson was a US educator who worked as a counsellor, testing coordinator and assistant principal. She also conducted professional development workshops and seminars for thousands of educators. She passed away on 28th June 2013 at the age of 61 but […]