Social Sciences Tutoring in London

Our team of Social Science tutors teach Politics, Geography, History, Anthropology, Law, Sociology, Media Studies and more. They have an excellent track record of success in Social Science tutoring, and we have testimonials from many satisfied clients.  


We hand-select and hire the very best home and online tutors for long and short term exam preparation. Our Economics tutors are highly achieved graduates from the best universities in the UK, including LSE, UCL, University of Oxford, SOAS and more. We train our tutors to teach with professionalism, passion and enthusiasm that engages our students, and they are familiar with the different exam boards.


Additionally, we can undertake bespoke academic assessments and write mock exams to identify key areas that need improvement and focus tuition.  

How we work for you

At Uber Tutors, we have many talented tutors in all areas of the social sciences, who are familiar with various exam boards. Whatever goals you have, we can help. With their extensive social sciences knowledge, our tutors will help your child develop the necessary skills and confidence needed to excel at their GCSE & Alevels exams.


Our professional tutors will assess students’ specific GCSE and Alevels subject needs and challenges and recommend a suitable tutoring programme. We then match the most suitable home and online private tutors to deliver the bespoke tutoring lessons with professionalism and care.


Our unique approach to tutoring rates allows us to offer social sciences tutoring to students and families of all income levels.


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