Academic Assessments

Our team of managers and tutors organise bespoke tests in various subjects to assess the levels and skills of students. We have an excellent track record of success in academic assessments with testimonials from many satisfied clients.

Bespoke academic assessments

Most popularly, we provide academic assessments in Common Entrance Exams such as 7+ exams and 11+ exams, or in Maths and English years 1-6. Additionally, our team of teachers and academics can also organise GCSE/A-level mock exams or even university level testing in a variety of courses. We would always organise and design tests appropriate for the level and subject being tested.

Academic assessments will be undertaken by students at home, with our tutor/manager’s supervision and observation of students’ test taking skills. Thereafter, we write an in-depth feedback report on the relevant challenges and issues, indicating what areas are problematic or need improvement. These observations include, for example, not understanding questions before answering, needing help with unpacking questions, losing attention and focus, diligence, speed and more. Our academic assessments will also include scoring and marking that is easy for students and parents to understand.

Your next step

Bespoke academic assessments can be invaluable before starting a tutoring programme or undertaking important exams. They give a realistic view and target for areas of improvement, and allow learning to be more focused. To set up your free consultation or ask a question, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02030867311 or Please note that we are the only equal opportunities service provider in the tutoring industry, and offer subsidised rates to students from low income backgrounds.

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