At Über Tutors, we stand out from other private tutoring companies because we are tailored service that operates with expertise and care like a quality small business. Our directors and managers are dedicated and passionate academics, teachers and coaches who hold high standards in knowledge, teaching skills and emotional intelligence – and this reflects in our identity and the impact we make! Families that use our services become our family for years. 

Primary and secondary school tutoring

“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for tutoring our daughter, Sophia. Her grades in English and Maths have improved significantly, and she is now considerably more confident in these subjects. Thanks to your efforts, she was able to score very well in her 11+ Common Entrance Exams and is now enrolled in one of London’s best private schools. We hope to continue to work with (and learn from!) you in the future.” (Larisa; 11+ preparation, English, Maths, French – year 6 to Alevels)

“Dear Über Tutors, We are very impressed by your tutor’s style of teaching! She manages to keep our two overexcited boys (6 and 9 years old) concentrated on even the most boring homework in Maths and English by making it into a fun and creative game, often physical. The boys love her and have made huge progress in the last 18 months. Thank you again!” (Olga; Maths, English, Mandarin)

“Our daughter is far more prepared for the test than when we started. In particular, her Maths and writing skills have greatly improved. These sessions with your tutor, Sia, have not only helped her learn the material but they also helped us to put a structure and organisation to her work and test preparation. Most importantly, she has really enjoyed learning with Sia as she looks forward to their sessions each week. Additionally, Sia seems to have sparked a keen interest in writing in her, which is a credit to his style and ability to connect with her. I’m sure she will miss his weekly visits.”
(Rosie, 7+ exam for City of London school)

“Your tutor has been tutoring our son, Joseph, for almost a year. In this time, Joseph has progressed both academically and socially, increasing in confidence and self-esteem while finding school more and more enjoyable as he has become more capable. She has taken the time to get to know Joseph as an individual and has built a positive and strong working relationship with him, making learning fun and memorable, tailoring each session to Joseph’s needs and requirements. She is a wonderful tutor who has proven to be reliable, intelligent, warm and engaging. We would have no hesitation in recommending Über Tutors to our friends.” (Susie; English, Maths, 11+ preparation, French)

“Our child’s self-esteem was at a very low level. He said he was stupid although testing had shown that he is very clever. He was scraping along the bottom of average. With the help of Über Tutors’ trained tutor and help for dyslexia, my son’s belief in himself has grown and he has made the progress of 2 years within 1 year! We are very pleased with his SATs results. Booking and payment was easy; we feel that the benefit that our son is getting is worth the cost.” (Judi; English and SATs)

GCSE and A-levels tutoring

“Excited to share Alhena’s GCSE results. She got two 9s in sciences, 9 in History, a 9 in English literature and an 8 in English language. All subjects Uber Tutors tutored in! Obviously, she is very happy with her results. Overall, she did amazingly well and got the best GCSE results in her school. Thank you so much for everything in the last few years” (Nadje, South London, GCSE English, History and Sciences)

“I am writing to let you know Olivia’s Alevel results. She got A for both politics papers and B for both Philosophy papers taken this year. We are over the moon. Her overall grade was an A in both subjects. Thank you both so much for your input. After her very first meeting with you Tania we noticed Olivia seemed inspired with a new positive attitude towards learning. You were both inspirational in your guidance and help!” (Emily B. Highgate School, Alevels 2018)

“We have tried many tutors from different agencies and local recommendations throughout the years with our kids, but, by FAR, your custom-matched tutors at Über Tutors have been the most impressive, reliable, and engaging. Parents don’t often make recommendations for the best tutors due to competition but I freely and happily recommend Über Tutors as an exceptional service from start to end to any London parents who ask me for tutors in Maths, English, Science (the ones we tried) for our daughter and son. We’re proud of our kids’ accomplishments – Thank you!”
(Josephine; GCSE/A-level Maths, Physics, English and Social Sciences)

“Your tutor in Maths and Sciences was brilliant! We also could not have done our son’s university application without your super helpful advice, strategy, and editorial. Many, many thanks.” (Richard; A-level Maths and Sciences, and university entrance applications)

“Luca couldn’t be happier. His confidence is boosting after only two lessons and he is really benefitting from his tutoring sessions.” (Marie; private school Year 9 Maths)

University level tutoring (undergraduate & postgraduate)

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received a 72 for both my dissertation and competition law essay. As such, I got a first for my degree! Thank you for your guidance and support all along! I would not have achieved this without you. It has been a great learning experience for me in the past few months. I would definitely recommend Über Tutors to my juniors in Durham.” (Janice; Durham University; LLB Corporate Law programme)

“Über tutors has provided me with a very high standard of academic tutoring I could not have received anywhere else. In a relaxed way, my tutor/mentor helped me organise my schedule for the year, set deadlines for me to achieve all my essays to a high standard, and helped me to construct my thoughts both logically and strategically in order to achieve academic excellence. I have learnt how to think critically, organise my workload and meet deadlines effectively, all of which was achieved in highly rewarding and informal sessions. Über tutors has been key to giving the extra confidence and organisational skills to get ahead in my degree, especially in my third year, when it mattered so much. Their service is for anyone and everyone in university, as it really just the extra push that brings everything together. As a result of their skills-building work with me on essays and statement letters, I have received all Firsts in all my courses and dissertation in my third year, gotten into 4 top UK universities for my Masters and even got a scholarship. I can’t thank you enough.”
(Bianca; SOAS University, essay and dissertation tutoring and postgraduate statement consultation)

“I sincerely believe that finishing my dissertation was an impossible task without your academic tutor Simone’s help. Simone built my self-esteem along the way with exceptional patience and made me carry on researching and writing every time I was giving up. He helped me to write more clearly whilst always making sure that it was only my own thought process that was delivered on the paper. I am very grateful for asking Über Tutors for help with my dissertation because not only did I receive a First for it but I also gained the confidence to start my Masters next year!”
(Golchehr; Goldsmiths University; essay & dissertation tutoring)

“As a Master’s student at the University of London, coming from a non-native English speaking country, Über Tutors has been essential in developing my confidence in essay writing at the academic level. The tutor assigned to me was very knowledgeable, strategic and patient and explained to me how to write an essay from scratch. Now in the middle of my Masters, I am very pleased with the results I have received on assignments so far, and encourage and recommend that everyone who has problems with their essay writing to come and have at least an hour of free consultation with them. If you choose to take up their services, they will match you with a hand-selected tutor, and you will see the results of this investment when you get your grades back! (Carmen; University College London; Politics essay writing skills)

“Your tutor in Micro-Economics has been very helpful and patient, and has given me some useful tips and advice. It has been immensely helpful to discuss things and to ask her questions – something I could not really do when the material was being taught in class.” (Alex; University College London; MSc Economics)

“Über Tutors’ coordinating staff in London matched me with wonderful, knowledgable tutors and editors on their team for assistance with my Masters degree. It enhanced my ability to obtain a high mark on some of my research essay work as a student at the Sotheby’s Art Institute in London. Thank you so much for your attentive support during what was a stressful and anxiety-inducing period where time management concerns were a real effort for me, and getting good grades was my priority for PhD entry, scholarships and to ensure my transcript was top for academic teaching jobs in the future.” (Anonymous; Sotheby’s Art Institute; essay writing skills and dissertation guidance)

“Thank you for your constructive feedback throughout this whole process! It really helped me to see where there were gaps in my writing and how to take steps to improve that.” (Alanna; London School of Economics; dissertation guidance)

Career consultation & advising

“I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for providing a great consultation service! I was very happy with the career consultation and detailed feedback editorial I had with Margarita regarding my CV and I now feel more confident in applying for jobs with my newly amended CV. I will definitely come back to Über Tutors for further help/guidance/advice in the future!” (Jahannara; career consultation and CV feedback editorial)

“I would strongly encourage anyone who is on the fence about obtaining private tutoring to arrange a consultation. Über Tutors offer a comprehensive selection of subject tutoring and career services including law LLB and LPC courses and Training Contract application advice and editorial, The tutors are friendly and extremely accommodating, and the level of teaching is excellent. The tutors are very flexible with regards to scheduling and are well-qualified within their subject areas. I have personally recommended Über Tutors to a number of friends for anything from middle school to university level subjects and beyond.” (Vadim; BPP Law School; LLB and LPC, and Training Contract advising)

“As a Masters of Law student at the University of London, Über Tutors has been invaluable for assisting with my essays, dissertation and job applications. Each hand-picked tutor has been matched to the issue I was facing, whether it be essay structure, content clarification, or knowing how and what to present to law firms for applications. In terms of my essays I was given the keys to unlock top marks with a formula that was easy to follow. My tutor for my dissertation created a plan where, after every section I wrote, I received in-depth feedback and recommendations on how to improve my work. Similarly, with my job applications, once written, I had future trainees at top law firms critique and assist me in tailoring my experiences to what law firms are looking for. Ultimately, the mentorship at Über Tutors has taken the anxiety out of a very demanding year at university, allowing me to concentrate on what matters most – obtaining top grades and securing a training contract at a London city law firm.” (Katie; University College London; LLM)

“Undoubtably, Über Tutors has been instrumental to my legal career. I worked with three tutors/mentors who offered a premium level of interview preparation, application editing, and coaching for public speaking. As a result, I succeeded in securing interviews with Magic Circle law firms, a vacation scheme at a top US white-shoe city law firm, and ultimately, two training contract offers at Magic Circle firms. Über Tutors helps individuals differentiate themselves from the crowd in this competitive industry by furnishing insider knowledge, and building confidence and skills.” (Anas; London School of Economics; MSc)

Language tutoring

“Your one-on-one French lessons have proven to be the best thing I ever did in learning French. I had tried classes and online courses but nothing has proven to be more effective in teaching me the grammar, comprehension, pronunciation and general command and fluency in the language. Thank you!”
(Emma; French beginners to intermediate)

“Your Mandarin tutor was fabulous. Mandarin is a difficult language to learn at the university level. She was patient and motivated me to be more disciplined, love learning and increase my grades.”
(Charles; University of London; BA Mandarin)

Online tutoring testimonials

“I cannot say enough about how professional, organised and intelligent my e-tutor was in teaching me academic English writing and research skills, necessary for both entrance to and during my university degree.” (Alice; Hong Kong; English)

“Your online tutoring was a fantastic and very convenient way to learn, and arguably even better than in-person tutoring! My assigned tutor was chosen specifically for my needs in writing and research skills. She was very friendly, highly professional and efficient in understanding my academic needs at the Masters level. She guided me to the right material for research and taught me the appropriate writing techniques step-by-step. My success in my Masters degree would not have been the same without her help!”
(Ali, Dubai, UAE, 2013)

Education consultancy testimonials

“As new immigrants to the UK and parents of 3 children of different age groups and academic needs, we have thoroughly learned from Über Tutors’ consultants about the UK education system from primary level to University level. They took the time to understand each of our children’s strengths and interests and guided us to the right schools and universities, the steps required for application and entrance, and appropriate curriculum for them. We have since been using Über Tutors’ tuition services for different courses and subjects. They have truly helped in our children’s success within the last year!”
(Abbas; Education Consultation)

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