Is University Preparing Us in the Right Way?

  What happens if we become an expert in a field we don’t like? Not all students choose their area of study for the right reasons, and it’s important to understand what area truly interests you and why. The key is not to study something because you think you “should” but because it resonates with […]

Parents: how to help your child succeed at school

  All parents want the best for their child. But what is the best way to help him or her succeed? How can you, as a parent, make sure you’re helping your child thrive at school? We’d like to lay out a few crucial ways parents can support their child and make sure he or […]

Learning from Failure

  It’s important to remember that failure is never final. No one is exempt from failure. No one can escape it. It can happen in everything. But that doesn’t matter. That’s not important. The important part is not to be afraid of it. It’s an inescapable part of life. And the sooner you learn how […]

Back to School Checklist: The Value of Family Meetings

    It’s that time of year again. Buying notebooks, binders and pens, packing lunches, organising pick-ups and drop-offs and everything else that goes along with making sure your child is ready for the school year to begin. Before things get too chaotic or busy, we’ve decided to write out our top 4 questions for […]