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Our university tutors provide essay tutoring and dissertation guidance for undergraduate and postgraduate university students in all disciplines. They are also academic teachers and researchers at top UK universities, and hand-selected and custom-matched by our higher education specialists and management team. Read our testimonials from many happy and successful university students in law, economics, maths, statistics, social sciences and more.

Our university tutors and team will:

– Provide a consultation to recommend the right package
– Teach and advise on concrete assignments
– Provide feedback editorial and/or proofreading in-person or online

Essay and dissertation package options:

1. Tailored crash courses for essay writing skills
2. Bespoke essay tutoring and feedback editorial
3. Dissertation guidance, advising + feedback editorial
4. Feedback editorial and/or proofreading only

How it works:

Our managers will consult with you and recommend the perfect package for your essay and dissertation challenges and needs. Whether we tutor or provide feedback editorial, every bit of edit or advice we provide aims to help you write an excellent First class paper. As a result, 100% of our students improve their skills and grades!

*Please note that our essay tutoring and dissertation guidance strictly abides by universities’ plagiarism policies and expect our students to do so too. We are not an essay or dissertation writing service.

Why choose Über Tutors:

Über Tutors’ university tutors and staff are hand-selected academics who are passionate and genuine about teaching and inspiring university students across all disciplines. Additionally, we are proud to be the only service in London to make private tutoring more accessible by offering subsidised rates to students from low income backgrounds.

Your next step:

To set up your free consultation or ask a question, please contact contact us at 02030867311 or

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