Fairness in education

All You Need to Know About The SATs

  If your child is in Year 2 or 6, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the SATs. Although they are only a few months away (May 2018), you may still be faced with a number of questions. Your child’s teachers or school may have provided you with some information, but we are here to give you […]

The Princess’ and Prince’s Burden, a Gender Dynamic.

Beyond being a tutoring service, we have a curious and wonderful team of tutors and staff who explore all sorts of ideas, and we want to share them with you! Below, we’ve explored how the ubiquitous “prince and princess” stories send a specific message to our children and how, in the 21st century, we should […]

GCSE Exams Reforms: What is Yet to Come

GCSE Reforms: What’s that about?   This summer saw the outcome of the first GCSE results after the implementation of the new GCSE exams and grading reforms which came in various forms, making many parents and students unhappy and confused. Changing grading, raising subject level difficulty in the curriculum by making students from the Foundation […]

Grammar School and Entrance Exams Debate

As the UK’s education system faces challenges and controversies at all levels, the most heated debate has been arguably on the Common Entrance Exams and expansion of Grammar Schools. As Teresa May pushed to allow new selective schools to open and existing schools to turn into grammar schools, the political debate surrounding this arose strong […]