Choosing the right universities and writing standout applications is not an easy task and daunting for many A-level students. This is why we offer a bespoke consultancy service to help A-level students make the right university choices. Additionally, we provide university application editorial and advice to maximise your chance of acceptance. Our consultants have an excellent track record of success, and we have testimonials from many satisfied clients.

Choosing universities

With a multitude of universities both in and outside of the UK, the choice can be a difficult one. At Über Tutors we meet prospective students, discuss their degree choices, education history, personality and location preferences. Next, we present them with a choice of universities that match their individual needs and preferences. These can be both in and outside the UK, depending on the student’s discussed specifications.

Our research can start as early as GCSE years before important subject choices might affect university options. This way, our education consultants can advise on which subject choices are necessary preconditions for students’ preferred degree. Of course, we can also advise students at a later stage, however, keep in mind that the earlier you come, the better!

University application editorial and advice

At Über Tutors we also offer university application editorial and advice for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our education consultants understand exactly how confusing and daunting the process of applying to university can be and are here to help you. We have years of teaching experience, wide networks of colleagues in the education system and strong work experience with universities that allow us to give advice and offer practical guidance. Not only do our consultants teach you how to write a standout personal statement but they also offer feedback every step of the way.

Your next step

To set up your free consultation or ask a question, contact us at 02030867311 or Please note that we are the only education support service to offer subsidised rates to students from low income backgrounds.

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