How tailored GCSE and A-level exam tutoring boosts grades and confidence

How tailored GCSE and A-level exam tutoring boosts grades and confidence

GCSE and A-level exams are stressful for teens and parents alike and no one knows this better than us tutors and mentors who have provided exam tutoring in-person and online for years. As teens cannot fathom how they will possibly grasp all material in time, parents often despair at how to best support their child. In addition to revision plans, practice exams and lending the occasional sympathetic ear, one solution that yields great results is private exam tutoring – option parents increasingly invest in as individual attention often lacks in the classroom. One-to-one exam tutoring provides a boost in both skills and confidence, helping students do better at school and in exams – if you hire the right tutor, that is.

Our über unique approach

With pressure and competition mounting, it is understandable that many students require an extra hand.

At Über Tutors, we hand-select our tutors to match the individual needs of our students, tutoring and coaching all subjects including Maths, English, History, Sciences and more. We not only tutor pupils who are under performing but also those who are already excelling, and whose parents want to ensure they maintain their high grades and get into their first university or college choice.

Our tutors have impressive qualifications and degrees from the best UK universities and are intimately familiar with exam tutoring in the GCSE and A-level years. As a result, they ensure our students get good grades, apply themselves, and get acceptance from top universities and colleges. Additionally, what’s most important to us when we hire professional tutors is that they are genuine, caring and hardworking tutors with strong interpersonal and teaching skills. It is because of this that we have a reputation as London’s leading tutors.

But what if you’ve already received your A-level results and aren’t satisfied with the results?

Not happy with your A-level results? Figure out your next steps

Imagine this: You’ve been waiting for weeks to get your A-level results. Anxiety and angst have become your good friends and you can’t wait to find out how you’ve done. You think you’ve done alright – fair enough, that Maths paper was harder than expected – but you studied hard and gave it your best. Then you receive your A-level results. You study them carefully and look at them twice because you can’t quite believe that the grades you see have anything to do with you. They are not what you expected and you slowly see your post-college dreams puff up in smoke as you’re left with no idea of what to do next. However, whilst you may feel like giving up, you do have options, so hang on tight and read on.

1. Ensure you’re available on A-level results day

First, ensure that you’re around or at least available on results day so you can do things right away if A-level results don’t go as planned. If you were firmly planning on going to university, one of the first things you will want to do is call your chosen universities. Whilst you cannot rely on their flexibility, it is always worth to try and speak to someone at the university who can advise on what to do – they may have some important advice or options for you. Alternatively, you can also ask for an emergency re-mark if you’ve missed your grades by a narrow margin. The re-mark will take a few days and you should talk to your schools about this possibility and costs. Also, don’t forget to let your chosen universities know that a re-mark is underway.

2. Clearing

Another option is clearing, which begins on A-level results day. Clearing allows you to see which university courses still have open places and gives you the option to apply to them. You should identify potential courses well in advance, so you don’t panic on results day. Remember that many universities will want to fill their places quickly and may pressure you into quick decisions, so doing your research before is KEY!

3. Resits

Another option is to resit your A-levels. This can be extremely tough and you need to ask yourself if this is something you really want to do, and whether it will really improve your grades. After all, you will have to wait an entire summer and universities will want to see that you didn’t waste that year, which means balancing revision with work, travels or volunteering. Make sure that this time around you get some expert support – it’s a possibility that whilst you may have revised a lot, you did not revise well. In this case, you would tremendously benefit from exam-specific tutoring by an expert in your subjects as we explain in this blog post.

4. Apprenticeships

Alternatively, depending on what your A-level results are and whether you are even interested in going to university, you may still be a great candidate for an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are offered by some of the biggest UK graduate employers, including Deloitte, Visa Europe and PwC and can be a great way to kickstart your career.

Your next step

To hear from other students who didn’t get their desired A-levels results and still went on to do wonderful things, check out this great Guardian article. Then contact us to discuss your next steps by calling 02030867311 or emailing Our team of experts can give advice on university entrance, apprenticeships, student finance and job opportunities. Together we can come up with an action plan tailored to your needs and work out your next steps – regardless of your A-level results.
But for now, we wish you all the best with your A-levels from the team at Über Tutors!

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